Macri authorized travel to Italy, Spain, Qatar and the United States

Macri authorized travel to Italy, Spain, Qatar and the United States
Macri will be out of the country from March 25 to April 9.

Federal Judge Julian Ercolny ​​on Monday allowed former President Mauricio Macri to travel from March 25 to April 9 to Italy, Spain, Qatar and the United States, by giving a proper path to a new request from his defense in the case in which it is being conducted. They were prosecuted for allegedly illegal spying on relatives of those who perished in the sinking of the ARA San Juan submarine.

Macri was already authorized to leave the country to travel to Uruguay and Miami, US, and now this new request by defense attorney Pablo Lanos and approved by the judge in the case has been added, judicial sources tell Tellam.

in the order, Lanos had requested that his fate be kept “on hold” to prevent “a tyranny” of his “intimacy and privacy”.which was contested by the lawsuit representing relatives of crew members who died at ARA San Juan.

The ex-president’s lawyer explained that the details of the flight that had already been approved had been received “in writing and separately”, asking “to give it measures reserved to prevent it from indulging in, as has happened in the past in this case, the intimacy and privacy that protects Mr. Mauricio Macri as a logical derivation of legal procedures and defense.” In court and the case of acquittal.”

In the face of this statement, the family’s complaint filed by attorney Valeria Carreras filed an objection to the “reserved action” by Being a ‘false’ alleged ‘protection of their privacy’ and depriving this lawsuit of due control.”

“For this reason, in the event that a treatment within the case with access to all parties is not ordered, we reserve action to oppose this last allegation, because we fear the danger of escape from the accused Macri,” the lawyer concluded.

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