Maná continues in the US with a tour of Mexico’s Lindo y querido

Maná continues in the US with a tour of Mexico’s Lindo y querido

To visit them again, bring them on tour, and obviously even play with those songs, drummer Alex Gonzalez voiced one of the band’s efforts on their multi-state tour, which kicked off April 14 in Los Angeles. fl.

How do you sum up Mana’s career in 20 songs? said Gonzalez, who, in addition to being a drummer, has composed a large portion of his repertoire for more than three decades with Fer, the vocalist.

The tour, which started with several sold-out box office hits, is a far cry from the Kia Forum production, shown in Los Angeles.

The musician specified that they now wanted to bring in certain elements of Mexican culture in terms of stage design.

It’s always about coming up with different things, this artist commented when referring to the emotions he gets when they interpret songs they haven’t touched since 1994 and feel the crowd’s reaction.

México lindo y querido is a celebration of mana for life, after an epidemic that crippled the world for two years.

Gonzalez added that getting back on tour, meeting our beloved fans and remembering the people who are gone is a way to celebrate our appearance.

The tour has an altruistic imprint, as Mana will donate some of the proceeds from his concerts to Latinos affected by last month’s flooding in Northern California.

Songs like Te lloré un río, Rayando el sol or El muelle de San Blas, which they haven’t performed for a long time, are a unique opportunity for the members of this folk group to reconnect with their people.

Maná started a duo project three years ago where they performed some of their songs alongside singers like Pablo Alborán or Joy Huerta, from Jesse & Joy.

Canteen Nights is the name of this proposal and the production will come out, according to the drummer, in the course of 2023.

Some of these are collaborations with Colombian Sebastian Yatra in The Rain Hasn’t Stopped, and with compatriots Alejandro Fernandez and Cristian Nodal.

With the former he collaborated on the treacherous song Mariposa, and with the latter he sang Te lloré un río.

The group will start recording this summer to form a studio album with unreleased songs that will be released in 2024.

Mana is one of the most popular Latin American bands, not only on the continent, but all over the world, and their music has been the hero of the life of their followers for over three decades.

On Saturday, April 22, the formation will give a concert in New York and next weekend in Chicago. The tour will run through November.


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