MAPFRE, aware of the mental health of its employees, offers a Mental Wellbeing Plan

MAPFRE, aware of the mental health of its employees, offers a Mental Wellbeing Plan

MAPFRE, aware of the mental health of its employees, offers a Mental Wellbeing Plan

the plan Empower yourself! It is a project developed by MAPFRE, aimed at its employees in Spain, whose main objective is to take care of the mental health of each one of them. Since a favorable work environment and good health ensure a favorable work environment.

After the Covid19 pandemic, interest in mental health and the problems that come with it has increased exponentially. thus, Mapfer Potnciate Plan launches! With the aim of developing the field of mental health of its employees, within the framework of a healthy company model, linking the social, personal, family and work aspects.

To achieve project effectiveness and enhance employee health, this program implements two courses of action. On the other hand, to show and appreciate the tools that MAPFRE already provides to its employees to enhance their mental well-being, so that they are better acquainted with them and can turn to them if they need them. Among these, the insurance company has its own services that specialize in psychological assistance, where the employee is offered support, psychological assessment, personal attention and follow-up, or Program of Employee Assistance (PAE), with 24/7 attention through outside professionals.

The second work stream will include providing high-quality content and resources that allow employees to take control of their own mental health. Thus, several actions will be implemented during 2023-2024 to give continuity to the plan, such as Potnciate events, preparation of informational materials or guides with inspiring best practices.

Empower yourself! It was presented to company employees on Thursday, April 20, by Roco Aragons, Director of Human Resources for MAPFRE IBERIA, at MAPFRE headquarters in Majadahonda. During the event, which was held in person and via live broadcast, Dr. Nazareth Castellanos, Ph.D., Neuroscientist, gave a lecture entitled “Mental Health, from Body to Attitude.” At the end of the conference, staff had the opportunity to ask questions questions to the expert

Rocco Aragones says: “Our aim with this plan is among others to promote mental well-being, accompany people, improve the working environment and add commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (3 and 8), as part of the sustainability plan MAPFRE, which centers around the slogan #LaParteQueNosToca “.

MAPFRE is the standard insurance company in Spain, with more than 7 million customers, around 11,000 employees and more than 3,000 offices across the country.

Within the framework of the 2022-2024 Sustainability Plan, under the concept of #LaParteQueNosToca, MAPFRE contributes to the well-being of people through innovative products and services that promote healthy living and that facilitate and improve access to flexible and effective healthcare.

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