Medical schools set up after the 2022 Academic Forum in Tamaulipas

Medical schools set up after the 2022 Academic Forum in Tamaulipas

first time a The media unites Four universities in the southern region of TamaulipasAnd the Millennium This Friday’s headlines The first medical academic forum 2022.

The event was held in facilities Metropolitan Cultural Space (METRO), Collecting 200 students, president and director of medical colleges.

Raul Villarreal ZamoraAnd the Director of the publishing house that makes up MILENIO and Multimedios He thanked the attendees, and urged the benefit of the presentations which will serve as growth tools for his future career.

“Thanks Academics, doctors, students and the general publicI am honored to welcome you to this The first medical academic forum 2022; Today we had to strengthen Medical and academic field To continue to the very important sign which is the area Tampico, Altamira, Madero and Huastica“, He said.

He pointed out that the area includes Tampico, Madero, Altamira and the Huasticais a professional training pole, as in the case of Ophthalmology and Retina Specialist Ana Alzaga Fernandez, MD, of Cornell University in New York, is a UAT graduate.

Via Zoom, he addressed the attendees where he highlighted five important goals a student should consider for the major after completing medical profession.

One such point is that your dreams are big, followed by giving 200%, formulating a plan, flexible to changes, and adaptable.

“It is necessary to keep in mind a detailed plan And it consists of small, short-term goals. To stick to this plan Work and studiesI think it is fundamental to be flexible and direct to changes, that is to be adaptable to what life offers us and to re-evaluate our plan, because there will be a way to achieve this, especially if the end goal is to serve others. “, He said.

There were so many chances that she made the choice ophthalmologybut mentioned that being a foreigner is more challenging, based on discipline, and Learning Enhancementleaving behind Parties or social lifebut when the goal is reached, it reveals that doctors can have a family, and take care of it.

He noted that his initial desire after graduation was Internal Medicine and then be a EndocrinologistHowever, it is a passionate career that took her to ophthalmologyand currently, participate in Cataract surgery and corneal transplantation as well as the surface of the eye.

Before this presentation, the audience heard a message President subordinate National Academy of Medicine of Mexico, Jose Halab Sherimwhich recognized the interest Millennium To support events of this magnitude.

“It is very important to unite mainly in terms of what is included in the update The Medication Unfortunately, the pandemic we’ve seen in the past two years has left the positive of being able to connect at a distance, and An initiative to bring together four universities in TamaulipasIt makes it possible for us to do things better together.”

MILLENNIUM Group Tamaulipas plan to make second medicine forumAfter the success of the first call that collected four southern universities, and 200 students.

Raul Villarreal Zamora, Director of MILENIO-Multimediastressing that this may be possible in October or November, due to the great response to the first forum headed by this publishing company.

“This forum brings good taste in our mouths, and we hope to promote another forum, perhaps at the end of the year; all university presidents, administrators and students are very interested. Hopefully we can bring more the students, Because at the moment seats have been used, one yes, one no, so hopefully in October or November, we will have the full flow of the hall, but we will continue in the forums and in partnership with them,” he said.

The interviewee mentioned that this type of event Zone strengtheningespecially for students, who after graduating from these homeschools stand out in other countries.

When he said it was necessary to recognize the standards education that universities have.

“This forum has shown the strength that the region has when it comes to this. medical collegesI think this is where they meet four universities That with the quality and standards they offer, we should be on the map as the best study area medicine“, He said.

In this context, he highlighted his recognition of the doctorswho also suffered in the transitional period, and others came out on top.

“with the pandemic Some of us left and those who fought in the middle of this battle, all of them Medical fields, nurses and stretcher carriers, involved in HospitalsAnd it’s moving forward in a way,” he said.

Similarly, the ambassador In your health, Dr. Carla GarciaHe indicated that all efforts are being made to educationand the improvement of society, and that the links shown by the universities will allow the realization of many projects.

Millennium and Multimedia Show interest in the health More importantly, what this pandemic has made us see is the buildup of efforts bringing together businesses and schools, and this is an example of that.”

This forum made it possible to have moderators present from Public and private hospitals As well as companies dedicated to medicine.


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