Netflix: The most emotional and solidarity movie that will shock you

Netflix: The most emotional and solidarity movie that will shock you

Netflix has ranked it in its ranking of the ten most watched, and perhaps most emotional, movies of recent years: What is the real problem. Because of his argument, and because all proceeds went to NGOs that treat sick children. What depends on the streaming platform?

What is the real problem (“The Healer”), from 2016, less than two hours (113 minutes) comedy about faith in solidarity. The plot is as follows: English mechanical engineer Alec Bailey (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) lives in England, works as an electrical repairman for a company that is not doing well financially, sleeps with married women and drinks alcohol non-stop.

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But, one day, his Uncle Raymond offered him to pay his debts in exchange for him to live for a year in Nova Scotia, Canada. There Alex will discover that he has the ability to heal people, but he himself will not believe in his abilities. Even a teen with cancer, Abigail (Caitlin Bernard), shows Alec how to harness his talents to help others.

Abigail (Caitlin Bernard) helps Alec Bailey (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) appreciate his talents.

in What is the real problem, Abigail’s parents allow her to spend the weekend with Alec because they are convinced he is a real healer. Together with the teen, Alec will reinvent himself and inspire others to believe in things beyond what is logical and possible.

Netflix: The most emotional and solidarity movie that will shock you

What is the real problem (2016) was a Spanish-Canadian-American co-production. Mexican Paco Arango, screenwriter and director, said that the film is a tribute to actor Paul Newman, with whom he worked on the SeriousFun Children’s Network foundation, which was founded by the Hollywood star, for sick children.

At the premiere seven years ago, What is the real problem It collected more than three million viewers in cinemas in sixteen countries, for a total of over €12 million. It has since become the highest-grossing Hispanic film in the United States. Its allegorical ending is still debated and debated. Inevitable on Netflix!

What Really Matters: A Film for Charity and a Metaphor for Empathy.

Cast of “What Really Matters”

  • Oliver Jackson Cohen as Alec Bailey
  • Camilla Luddington as Cecilia
  • Jorge Garcia as Father Malloy
  • Caitlin Bernard as Abigail
  • Adrian J. Griffiths as Tom
  • Jonathan Pryce as Raymond

The abrupt end to What Really Matters is still being analyzed to this day.

Trailer for the movie “What Really Matters”

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