Reasons to Play Video Poker At Online Casinos In 2021

Reasons to Play Video Poker At Online Casinos In 2021

When looking to play video poker in online venues, many players don’t see the appeal of these games. Here’s why they’re an excellent choice.

Why Play Video Poker Instead Of Other Casino Games? Top Reasons & Advantages

If you’re looking to play video poker, know that this game is arguably among the most overlooked online casino titles in existence. Since video poker has numerous redeeming qualities that make it worthwhile to enjoy, its neglected nature is a shame. Regardless, the premise of this technologically advanced casino title is straightforward. Essentially, you are playing the game of poker on a machine where the dealer deals you five cards with the option to draw additional cards.

In most video poker games, players receive a payout only if they have jacks or better in a pair. However, they won’t win if they have a high card hand or a pair of twos. Regardless, there are several reasons why choosing this title over other, more popular mainstream online casino games is a better choice. We’ve covered some of these reasons below, including numerous advantages of video poker. Let’s begin.

Reasons To Play Video Poker: What You Need To Know

Countless new and experienced punters find it counterintuitive to play this game. When visiting an online casino, there are usually hundreds and thousands of classic table and slot games. Most of these titles feature flashy graphics and inviting setups to attract new players. On the other hand, video poker typically doesn’t feature such in-your-face marketing. Consequently, here are some more reasons why you should pay attention to video slots:

  • More favorable odds
  • Readily available in most online casinos
  • Players typically avoid them because they’re not flashy
  • Perfect for strategy-loving punters
  • Cater to serious players.

More Favorable Odds

When looking to play video poker, keep in mind that these games feature more favorable odds than most online slots. Consequently, playing with better odds is the most fundamental reason why you should seriously consider these titles. Although rare, a typical video poker machine features a 1% or lower house edge, and returns over 100% are also possible, though sporadic. 

However, keep in mind that house edge only comes into play in the long run despite players’ having an advantage over the casino. In other words, having a minor advantage against the house means you’ll only make slightly more money than you lose over tens of thousands of hands. Why is this advantage so significant? Because online casinos have a built-in edge over players and finding a game that favors players instead of the casino is a holy grail in the industry.

Simultaneously, most video poker games and machines are dying out because the casinos also understand this fact. If you’re a methodical gambler who takes time to know how video poker works and how to play every hand, you stand to win a lot of money. Therefore, since players familiar with strategy can win significant amounts in these games, many casinos want to eliminate these games. So, if you’re into learning how to profit from casino gaming in the long term, this game is perfect for you.

Readily Available In Most Online Casinos

When it comes to the top reasons to play video poker, remember that this game is one of the gambling industry’s best-kept secrets. From the casino’s point of view, it’s not profitable when punters play video poker because serious players often win. Since casinos usually lose money on these games, they either don’t offer them or purposely scatter them amongst other games.

When it comes to brick-and-mortar operators, you’ll usually find video poker in most, if not all, of them. On the other hand, online casinos also offer a selection of video poker, though you’ll typically find these games in more reputable and larger-sized casinos. In other words, these games are available in venues that can take the losses from serious players, but these venues make up for those losses in different ways.

Players Typically Avoid Them Because They’re Not Flashy

As a rule of thumb, the best gamblers in the world understand and capitalize on these games. Those looking to play video poker sometimes become discouraged when they notice experienced gamblers focusing on these games. In other words, most recreational casino-goers avoid video poker machines upon recognizing famous gambling experts playing them.

Since most recreational players will immediately feel drawn to other flashy games like slots, you’ll have an added benefit. How so? Well, casinos profit massively from slot games because players cannot figure out the odds with certainty. Unless the casino reveals the odds for each game, players can only gamble blindly while hoping they’ll land the jackpot.

Despite not accurately determining the odds for slots, roulette and card games are a different matter entirely. On the other hand, video poker odds are transparent, meaning you can strategize. You can calculate the odds in video poker because this game uses digital cards from a digital deck.

Perfect For Strategy-Loving Punters

Speaking of strategy, video poker is ideal for players who can’t stand watching people throwing money on slot games without sense or purpose. You should remember that there are two fundamental categories of online casino games: luck-based and skill-based titles. Video poker involves a combination of both factors. 

Despite having to work hard to win, spending time learning video poker strategies will be rewarding. Note that the word “strategy” doesn’t involve straightforward tactics like you need for playing blackjack. The tricky part about those looking to play video poker is that you need a different strategy for every available variant. Each pay schedule has a long list of rules, and memorizing all of them can take a while. This learning curve often appears daunting to most new players.

However, it doesn’t end there: once you memorize each strategy, you must practice to master it. Consequently, you will lose money until you get to the point where you’re happy with your level of skill. Gaming will become easier over time and with each new round you play. Once these strategies become second nature, you’ll start bringing in cash to your bankroll.

Caters To Serious Players

Video poker is the ideal game for those interested in finishing their gaming sessions with more money than they started with. If you’re serious about turning gambling into a career, we recommend focusing on this game. You will make a profit over time if you understand what you’re doing to the point where it’s instinctive. Such a high skill level comes from memorizing a strategy for every pay schedule.

The point is that serious players don’t gamble for fun; they do it to win. For example, some punters prefer playing live casino games to ensure skill-based outcomes and improve their winning chances. When looking at where you can find a wide selection of live dealer games, we recommend Lucky Thrillz Casino. This operator has been around since 2017 and caters to new and experienced punters. Regardless, if you want to succeed in the long run, we still advise choosing to play video poker. Good luck!

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