5 iconic online games which will bring out your competitive edge


Online gaming is getting more popular all the time. This comes as no surprise, as it’s such a great way to have fun and connect with people. New friends can be made, and old ones can share in the fun.

The figures attest to this. In 2020, there were an estimated 3.3 billion video gamers across the world. A large proportion of these will be playing online.

The gambling industry has taken notice as well. The worldwide gambling industry currently makes 59 billion dollars a year, with that number projected to rise to 92.9 billion by 2023.

But what are the best games that showcase the power of online interaction? Here are the 5 best games to play online.

  1. Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is the fantastic online offering of the Red Dead Redemption franchise. The game lets you invite friends online to take part in the fun and games of the Wild West actioner.

Everything that can be done in a single-player campaign is included, but the multi-player twist offers new excitement. Hunting down outlaws and varmints, holding up stagecoaches and delivering goods are among the entertaining missions.

The multi-player online element is strongly showcased with the story mode offering unique games and tasks. Competitive horse races where different players can be challenged and free roam events where special prizes are discovered are all part of the appeal.

Entertaining missions involving a variety of side-quests and objectives show off the games pleasing mix of gun-toting action and entertaining humour.

As with the original single-player game, Red Dead Online benefits from stunning graphics and animation plus excellent voice acting. The cinematic approach of the game recalls epic western of the past and draws the player into its overall worldview.

A fantastic game that pushes what is capable online.

  1. Poker

Poker is an incredibly versatile game. The strength of online technology has led to the game appealing to a wide range of players.

Playing poker online has a number of advantages over conventional poker playing.

A strong reason for making the switch to online play is the security involved. There are certain ways to protect privacy online easier and better when using popular web browsers.

The best online poker companies are aware of this and deliver safe and reliable payments with a range of banking transfer options. Account information is dealt with in a completely safe manner.

Players logging on can also experience the latest in promotions and a poker bonus for making the choice.

Online poker scores highly over its more traditional land-based casino equivalents for reliability, convenience and entertainment. With the latest visual and

There are also many different styles of poker to enjoy on an online provider. Everything from Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha High to 7 Card Stud and tournament plays can be experienced online. Smartphone and tablet play provides mobile online gameplay in an increasingly adaptable set of options.

  1. Mario Kart Tour

Back in the age of the Super Nintendo – we’re talking 1990s here – Mario Kart was one of the best party games around. Featuring colourful and bright visuals and a thrilling race format, the game was a superb experience.

Now the game is back, rebooted as a game app for the online world. Offering the chance to do battle with up to seven other players, the latest Mario Kart Tour trades both in nostalgia and timeless fun.

The multiplayer option includes various modes where you can play against friends nearby or random players worldwide. There are also further options for Nintendo Gold Pass members.

  1. Apex Legends

Bringing the first-person shooter genre right up to date, Apex Legends is a feast of fun for online players.

Described as a hero battle royale game, the game involves groups of players engaging in battle.

A significant reason for the game’s success is that it is completely free. Available on the consoles Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch as well as on PC, the game is free to download.

The game begins with up to 20 squads of three players or 30 two-player duos searching for weapons and items. They have been deposited on a remote island perfect for a fighting contest.

As the battle progresses, the island shrinks in size making for more opportunities for close combat. Players have to keep moving and stay within a certain play zone or risk being wounded and fatally punished.

The online element comes into its own with the possibility of real-time communication between player and crews. They can discuss the whereabouts of weapons, armour and other equipment.

A special ‘ping’ system is incorporated into the gaming system for faster non-verbal communication. This lets players simply point where they want the rest of the squad to go in the fastest way.

  1. Sea of Thieves

Drawing on the epic fantasy and wonder of the legends of the pirate world, Sea of Thieves is an epic online game.

In the game, the player takes on the role of a freebooting pirate in a massive open environment filled with different possibilities. Platers can bring three friends with them online to take part in the adventure.

The online crew can be tasked with searching for buried treasure, battling skeleton armies and learning of sea-swept myths and tall tales.

Players can also do battle with each other for each other’s wealth and equipment. An entertaining skirmishing adventure on the high seas, the title is perfect for online play.

All of these games share a fantastic realisation of the power and possibilities of online play. In an industry that is reporting ever-increasing profit and initiating ever-expanding ideas, the true winners are the gamers.

There is a huge landscape of fun and adventure for players to discover. And the best thing is, they can take their friends along too.

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