The Oscars record the worst audience data in their US history

The Oscars record the worst audience data in their US history

Chloe Chow collects an Oscar for Best Director.

The Oscars Follow it live 10.4 million viewers in the United States, Which is the worst record in its history and far short of the more than 23 million people who participated in the party last year.

Audience data was confirmed on Tuesday and improved the forecast by consulting firm Nielsen, which in a preliminary report It may estimate 9 million viewersBut it’s down more than 55% compared to the latest release, which was the least followed up until this year.

However, the decline in audience Oscars Coincides with poor results for the rest of the awards ceremonies during the pandemic: The Grammy is down 51% and the Golden Globe over 62%.

Until th EnergyThe American Football League Final, held in conditions more similar to the pre-virus, saw a 10% drop in its fans’ records.

Despite the bad data, the Hollywood Academy Awards managed to remain the most-watched concert of the awards season, and was the ABC Network’s most-watched broadcast of the year, so it’s still exciting advertisers.

While Viewership of live broadcasts continues to decline year after yearAdvertising prices drive up their prices, as merchants find it increasingly difficult to find events that attract large audiences.

The 93rd edition of the Oscars was held from Union Station, Central Station in Los Angeles, which served as an alternate venue to accommodate 170 guests, out of the 3,000 that brought together the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

The producers have confirmed that the concert will be a live movie, however The final form has been criticized for being slow and slow.

BedouinRise as the best movie director, Chloe ChowHe won an Academy Award for Best Director and Heroine, Frances McDormandShe won the Best Actress Award. Anthony Hopkins Won as Best Lead Actor in “The Father”.

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