Unrecognizable! Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem surprise in their new movie


United State -. Nicole Kidman s Javier Bardem They get into their personalities. The couple looked almost unknown while filming a scene in Los Angeles last week for their upcoming movie “Being the Ricardos”. Nicole Kidman Lucille Ball plays in the movie, while Bardem plays her husband Desi Arnaz, and it looks like they definitely are playing the role.

The Big Little Lies star brought back the 1950s style with a retro collection that included yellow pants, a patterned coat, and a handkerchief around her head. Bardem, 52, looked a little more elegant in a green suit. The pair seemed totally comfortable on set, and Kidman seemed to pull pranks to entertain his co-star.

Kidman’s choice in the movie directed by Aaron Sorkin caught attention when other actresses campaigned for the role, but Paul and Arnaz’s daughter, Lucy Arnaz, was pretty sure she was the right choice. In a recent interview with ET, Sorkin joked with Kidman and Bardem saying, “They’d be cool.” “I think people thought we portrayed them as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo,” he said.

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The production opens the eye

“The events of the film take place within a week of the production of I Love Lucy, a table reading with a lot of long memories of the past telling its story, and there are rehearsals and then there is a movie night, sometimes where it is only Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. Express.” We see moments from the episode of I I love Lucy. But mostly they play Daisy Arnaz and Lucille Ball. Sorkin added. “These are two of the best actors in history.”

Meanwhile, Kidman expressed in an interview with Variety that he was studying Ball’s work to get his interpretation correct. He said, “I love Lucille, after I looked at her and delved into her.” Kidman added, “She’s an amazing woman.” “I’m so excited for people to see what Aaron found out about her and the way Daisy and Lucy played and the way she was so rich. I didn’t know anything about that.”

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