Popular anime “Sailor Moon” arrives on Netflix


Sailor moon It is one of the most popular anime of the 1990s. Her heroine fought against evil through the transformations of warriors and star power. Netflix, Champion of the trend among his fans about the consumption of oriental content, has been published movie trailer Which was first shown in Japan at the beginning of the year, Sailor Moon Eternal. This Japanese anime is the first feature film based on the popular series, which will also star the charismatic Usagi Tsukino.

In 2014, after I actually restored the rights to TOEI Animation, a kind of reboot / remake of the ’90s series called Sailor Moon Crystal. This animated film is the narrative heir of the series. The story adapts one of the plots written in the original title It was created by Mangaka Naoko Takeuchi.

At that time it was developed Sailor moon The anime audience was very polarizing between boys and girls. With serials that mostly had a male audience, such as Dragon ball Z a Yo Yo Hakushu And others like The Adventures of Saint Tell a Hunter card sakura With more viewers on the female side. Sailor moon It broke this gender taboo, as it is a series that both men and women today remember seeing and enjoying.

LGBT controversy

The series was banned in a number of ways when it was transported to other continents and countries so as not to harm faint feelings for the time being. The main tool for this was to delete some chapters and amend the text through dubbing. For example In Spain, characters such as Zoicite and Kunzite, who had a distinctly gay character, were changed to “uncle and nephew” And in the United States, other roles such as Haruka and Michiru were categorized as “cousins”.

We will not know if Netflix will leave the original content, although everything will be appropriate for this to avoid getting into serious disagreements for the streaming company, it will change the bottom line so as not to lose its overall essence and the original gender of its characters. We still have to wait a bit for the premiere of Beautiful Guardian Sailor Eternal MoonIt won’t be available until June 3.

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