Tricks for Google Chrome to protect your privacy online


Google Chrome It is the most popular web browser. Thanks to its popularity on the desktop and being the default browser for Android, Chrome is A reference browser For millions of internet users around the world. What’s more, some of the new browsers are Based on your code. This is the case of Microsoft Edge, Brave, Torch, or Vivaldi. This is why we suggest a selection of tricks for Google Chrome.

Specifically, we have compiled the tricks for Google Chrome Focused on privacyOne of the most controversial aspects of Google’s browser. Is it possible to use this browser and protect your privacy at the same time? Chrome derivatives are one such example. But you don’t have to go that far, you can Change the settings From Google Chrome, Protect your privacy.

Official privacy settings

Google Chrome offers privacy options in its own settings. Namely, in this browser interesting features are mixed with some mitigating measures to protect our privacy. For example, “When you visit a webpage, Chrome might use the Automatically load pages According to the links on the page.

Where More> Settings We will find several sections where certain functions of Google Chrome are deactivated. It can be helpful. But if you want to protect your privacy, it is better to do without it.

On Website settings You can delete your activity data. History, cookies, passwords … just click Clear browsing data. This for later. But if you want to anticipate, you can take some action. On Cookies and other website data You can decide how Chrome will behave.

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