WhatsApp has a function to send messages without an internet connection

WhatsApp has a function to send messages without an internet connection

there option within WhatsApp to be able to send Messages without the need for it You have an internet connection Nor for your phone data.

Send messages through the application become more Instant communication Present. also Internet or with him data usage We can ship and Receive text messagesthe pictures , videos And even calls, now we have a choice Do it without an internet connection.

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If for some reason Can not communicate directly, it is possible Access to the application through a proxy serverwhich experts in the field say, “is absolutely safe when it comes to protecting user security and privacy.”

What is a proxy server?

“a The agent is a computer that He acts as an intermediary between the Client and server connections destination, filtering all packets between the two,” the portal reports xataka on the Internet. In Spanish, it means that a file The agent receives your requests To access a page and be responsible for Transfer it to the web server What is I don’t know what to do.

from here, When you go to visit a websiteinstead of creating a file direct connection between your browser and it, you can”Navigate and send/receive data through this proxy. the The page you are visiting will not know your IP address But the agent, w You can pretend to be an internet user from another country different from you.

How to enable proxy in WhatsApp to send offline messages?

First of all, you must have Update to the latest version From the app, if not, go to store your operating system and update the app. Once you are done, you must follow next steps. works for both android Like the word system iOS for iPhone:

  • Enter WhatsApp.
  • Go to Settings or Configuration.
  • Select “Data Store”.
  • Click on the “proxy” option and then activate the function.
  • Next, enter the proxy address (IP) and click “Save”.
  • If the connection is successful, a green dot will appear.

That’s enough for now You can get a more secure connection This application is stable. If you don’t establish contact probably The proxy server is blockedThen you will have to Try something else If you want to access this function.

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