Microsoft is willing to hijack your entire screen to “convince” you to upgrade to Windows 11

Microsoft is willing to hijack your entire screen to “convince” you to upgrade to Windows 11

Windows 10 support is coming to an end. Microsoft has already stopped sending out feature updates to the operating system and will only do so Security fixes released.

The company is trying to get as many users as possible to migrate to the latest version of its operating system, and now a report to The latest Windows He points out that the last strategy to achieve this is Display ads in full screen mode A free upgrade “offer” for Windows 11 is being offered.

According to the screenshots taken by the moderator, this advertisement is appearing at the moment where users operate their devices, When you try to decline an upgrade offer, the system will display several pages listing the benefits of Windows 11. Among them are a new interface, security improvements, better performance and productivity, as well as a better gaming experience.

Update window that appears in Windows 10

Although users can choose to stay on Windows 10, the system guarantees it It’s free to upgrade at any time through the corresponding section in Settings.

Some of the benefits that Microsoft lists for Windows 11

Microsoft’s way of publicizing the system update

The media also states that these ads will appear after installing the latest cumulative update, which is running It is impossible to deactivate always.

this This is not the first time we’ve seen ads in the Microsoft operating system. In Windows 11, these made it to the configuration menu, the start menu, when you select any of the enabled profiles on your computer, in File Explorer and even in the App Store.

The latest Windows Explains that these changes Only in version KB5026361 From Windows 10, that is, the latest system update, was released on May 10, 2023, so if any user does not want to see this “new”, the best is not to download and install the latest version of the operating system, although at the cost of not receiving patches Safety.

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