Residents of Gantitelco reunite with their families in the United States – El Sol de Cuautla

Residents of Gantitelco reunite with their families in the United States – El Sol de Cuautla

After decades of separation, Dozens of elderly people from Jantetelco, in the eastern region of the state, have been able to reunite with their relatives in the United States. Thanks to the family reunification programme. This program allowed more than 20 people to travel by plane a few days ago, and in May it will allow 22 more to follow the same route.

With the upcoming opening of an external relations office in the city, it is expected that the necessary procedures for reunification will be accelerated.

Tania Paredes, the municipality’s director of immigration affairs. Common details about the program and its results:

“Currently, we have a group of 23 that we’re taking to Minneapolis. Soon, on May 12th, we’ll be moving more to New York. These are the groups that have already departed, and in August we have more mass departures, but only for visa processing.” Administrator explained.

To promote reunification, the city council has created its own group of immigrants in the United States and is seeking to relocate them to different locations. Participants in the program are primarily people over 55 years of age who have not seen their relatives for two or three decades.

The process of participating in this program is administrative and begins with obtaining a passport. Paredes said the authorities are working to open a local liaison office for foreign relations in the coming weeks to process passports.

at the moment, The Directorate of Immigration Affairs is responsible for carrying out administration, receiving documents, and reviewing requirements, such as the minimum age of 55 for applicants. In general, the obstacles faced by some beneficiaries, such as problems with their birth certificates or duplication of information, are resolved with the support of the municipality: “Being able to advise them of all the papers so that we can first obtain the passport and then start the visa procedures,” Administrator added.

Jantetelco’s family reunification program is implemented in collaboration with the Eterna Primavera Morelos Association and Club Casa Morelos in San Clemente, California. Although it once had the name “Corazón de Plata” given by the state government, Paredes noted that the program is no longer called that.

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