Russia expresses concern about US plans to send more multiple missile systems to Ukraine

Madrid 15 (European press)

Antonov stressed that these plans only confirm that the Americans do not intend to see a “peaceful solution.”

Likewise, he noted that statements by US Undersecretary of Defense, Colin Cale, about the possibility of increasing the supply of High Mobility Artillery Missile Systems (HIMARS) to Ukraine are deeply troubling and reveal Washington’s path toward a greater escalation.

“The fact that a senior Pentagon official sees the possibility of expanding supplies of long-range systems is a matter of grave concern. This observation can be viewed as Washington’s intent to move toward further escalation. It only confirms that Americans have no intention of seeing a peaceful solution.”

Antonov added that “the US administration leads its partners to believe that there is no alternative by supplying the Kyiv regime with more weapons.”

US President Joe Biden has announced that Washington will send Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) to Ukraine to deal with the Russian invasion and strike “key targets”.

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