Heat wave suffocating the United States

Heat wave suffocating the United States

A heat wave hit the southwest and central United Statewhen record temperatures are forecast to reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and meteorologists are warning residents to stay indoors and drink plenty of fluids.

A large swath of the nation extends from the center of Nebraska until W.in the north to Wisconsin and south for MississippiThere will be an increase in the temperature index in summer until the middle of the week, according to the British newspaper The Guardian National Meteorological Service.

Midwesterners who woke up to mild summer conditions early yesterday can expect rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon before the heat sets in.

The heat index, a measure of how temperature is felt in the human body, is expected to reach 100 degrees later today.

The Weather Service said many areas should expect “temperatures well above normal or standard levels” and issued a heat alert for the region.

Meteorologists said on Twitter: “Plan ahead to avoid heat-related illnesses and check on family and neighbours. High temperatures should subside at the end of the week.”

He also advised people to stay indoors, avoid strenuous activities, and stay hydrated with plenty of fluids.

Heat waves are expected to continue in the southwest and parts of TexasThe weather service said daytime temperatures would reach 37 degrees Celsius in many parts of the region.

Last Saturday, the temperature reached 45.5 degrees Celsius PhoenixTouch history log.

Scientists explained that human-caused global warming has caused extreme events.


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