The new PS Plus arrives in the US with a new free game: Resident Evil Director’s Cut

The new PS Plus arrives in the US with a new free game: Resident Evil Director’s Cut

The new ps plus Released in phases worldwide: first arrived in Asian markets, later in Japan, on June 23 it will be available in Spain and today it has been activated for PS5 and PS4 users in United State. As on previous occasions, the restructuring of Sony’s subscription service brought with it some uncertain novelties, notably in the form of free games Which will be available to subscribed members starting today.

For example, in choosing Classics from the first PlayStation We found that in addition to the games already announced, PS Plus Premium subscribers have free access to them Resident Evil director cut, which includes graphical improvements, fast saves, video filters and the ability to rewind. It must be remembered that some of these features have been implemented in a selection of PSP and PSX classics available through this subscription service.

Additionally, the first PlayStation games included with PS Plus Premium have been confirmed to arrive in North America on NTSC . versionWhat does this mean? working frequency 60 Hz Instead of 50 Hz for the PAL versions offered by the service in the Asian and Japanese markets. VGCthe broker who shared this information, also posted Complete list of psx classics Available on PS Plus Premium in the US. You can see it below:

  • worms armageddon
  • World Worms Party
  • strange world
  • Tekken 2
  • Mr. Driller
  • golf hot shots
  • smart intelligence
  • monkey escape
  • echo
  • flash jump
  • siphon filter
  • wild weapons
  • Resident Evil director cut

When will the new PS Plus be available in Spain?

The new PS Plus arrives on June 23 On the Spanish PS5 and PS4 with three subscription plans: Necessary (59.99 annually) grants access to existing PS Plus benefits, additional (99.99 annually) Adds a catalog of up to 400 of the best titles for PS4, PS5, excellent ($119.99 annually) Adds 340 more games with backward compatibility with PS3, PS2, PSP and PSX, plus access to Limited time game trials. The two most expensive plans will also have 27 other games built by Ubisoft + Classics.

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