Arms manufacturing in the United States

Arms manufacturing in the United States

Arms manufacturing in the United States

Monday 13 June 2022

Arms manufacturing in the United States

Frenchie Co opens shop in Bogotá

Following the success of two Cali brothers in the “Shark Tank Colombia” investor program and the good results of a physical store in Miami, the Frenchie specializing in high-end bags, wallets and leather goods has opened a new store located in District T, attracting customers with a treasure hunt. (LV)

What is the cost of an armed strike?

The retaliatory armed strike by the Del Golfo clan on the delivery of the nickname “Ottonel”, between May 5 and 9 this year, affected 178 municipalities in 11 provinces, with 26 roads closed and 138 communities affected. The Labor Observatory of Gaviriana University calculated that each day of the strike cost the country $135,000 million, more than $600,000 million in total. (CS)

Canada’s ecological paradox

Despite Justin Trudeau’s plan (1971) to cut emissions from the oil and gas sector by 42% by 2030, Canada has become more dependent on fossil fuels with exports worth $117 billion last year, which expired in March. For now, any plans to speed up the phase-out of fossil fuels are being ruled out in favor of a slower path. (second abbreviation)

HubSpot targeted journalists

Tech companies keep coming into the country and everyone is testing their strategies. One of them is HubSpot, a CRM company for growing businesses, which is launching a free virtual library for local journalists, under the motto “A New Beginning with Journalism.” It has made available content from its research center on topics such as personal branding, team management, and even infographic templates. (IB)

legions against the new super

New superhero Ms. Marvel has been the target of criticism from comic book fans, accusing her of being too “wake up”, by replacing the blonde character with a woman of Muslim descent, played by Iman Villani (2002). Despite the fact that critics gave him a score of 95 out of 100, fans on portals such as IMDB gave him 6.1, with comments critical of his skin tone. (HS)

Luna 2.0, the new stablecoin with no future

Since the algorithm stablecoin TerraUSD crashed and lost its peg to the dollar, rocking the crypto markets, failed blockchain backers have launched a new digital token to recoup investors’ multi-million dollar losses, but the token has already lost half its value in a week. (Xb)

Gates Värmland

It is said that most of the agricultural land in the United States is owned by billionaire Bill Gates, but the truth is that although he owns a lot of agricultural land in his country, his total ownership does not even amount to a third of the total proportion of agricultural land in the United States There are 895 million acres (a measure of agrarian) of US farmland and Gates owns 300,000, or about 0.03% of that total. (AG)

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