They are watching Invest 93L in the Caribbean, it does not threaten the United States

They are watching Invest 93L in the Caribbean, it does not threaten the United States

The disturbance we’ve been tracking in the southwestern Caribbean — now called Invest 93L by the hurricane center — has a small area of ​​low pressure centered along the eastern coast of Nicaragua.

Due to its proximity to land, the National Hurricane Center has reduced its chances of developing over the next five days from 40 percent to 30 percent as it slowly moves west or northwest along the coast of Nicaragua and Honduras.

Although it won’t take long for a tropical depression to form, conditions over the next few days are marginal at best for continued regulation, assuming 93L stays above water long enough.

The Hurricane Hunters flight scheduled for Wednesday afternoon has been canceled due to its limited launch of 93 liters, but may fly the system on Thursday if development trends call for it.



A medida que avanzamos hacia el fin de semana y la perturbación avanza hacia el noroeste hacia la Península de Yucatán y el sur del Golfo, la cizalladura hostil del viento puede disminuir para alguna organización adicjaac sión sero la noba Earth.

Regardless of development, the powerful ridges of high pressure that are baking the eastern half of the United States will only expand westward, thwarting any attempts by 93 liters to move north this weekend and early next week, keeping it on a westerly path through the southern tip of the states United. Gulf.

This is not a concern for Florida or the United States. In Central America and southern Mexico, heavy rain and potential flooding will be the main threats over the next week.

Otherwise, on the other side of the Atlantic, we would still see fairly mild weather.


We’re seeing some strong turbulence coming out of Africa, but it’s still too early in the season to expect much of it. Meanwhile, the desert air layer is flexing its muscles and afflicting the tropical Atlantic with extremely dry and dusty conditions.

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