How To Grow YouTube From Scratch


YouTube is recognized as the most popular video hosting site in the world, with an audience of several billion people. According to statistics, many users watch it instead of watching TV. And it is an effective way to promote your brand and deliver the message to the masses. However, it is important for bloggers at the initial stage to be well promoted. Let’s consider how to get the first subscribers and views on YouTube from scratch.

What affects the number of YouTube subscribers

A good active audience is impossible without regular YouTube subscribers and viewers. The more people are interested in the information and the more they like it, the faster the channel gets subscribers. After all, people share videos, send them to their friends, who, in turn, send them to their acquaintances. That is how popularity comes.

How to start

Famous bloggers gain subscribers via their charisma, hard work, and quality content. Therefore, you should understand in advance that this will be quite a long-term project. What is worth knowing before you start?

  • Videos in FullHD format with good sound, well-thought-out script, and consistent style are popular.
  • Always respond to comments. That way you can show your interest in your audience, and they appreciate it and are more likely to be active.
  • Don’t be afraid to buy real YouTube views and subscribers. If you deal with proven sites you will be satisfied and, most importantly, you will see a good result. After all, the crowd effect works in social networks: the more subscribers and views a video has, the more it is considered popular and attracts more attention.
  • Always leave a call to action. People don’t always remember to subscribe, leave a comment, or like the video.
  • Respond to letters of offer of cooperation. This will help you tremendously, even if you don’t think it has many effects on your coverage.

How to increase YouTube subscribers

Post content regularly

Particular attention should be paid at the very beginning of your work. It is important not only to post your videos regularly but also to exceed the norm. That is, 10 videos per week at regular intervals should definitely be posted within a month.

If you can not meet the deadline then you should record and edit videos in advance. This is also an important quality and topic that must be thought of in advance. For this purpose, make a precise content plan for the first month, where you specify the main directions and the schedule of publications. After all, the work of a blogger is not creative but everyday work. And if you want to achieve something you have to try twice as hard at the very beginning.


After the video is uploaded, the thumbnail is automatically generated, and the service offers several options. However, almost no one uses such offers now. That’s why it’s better to make the main image yourself. What for?

  • To emphasize a corporate identity. This will make you stand out from others and allow you to earn credibility.
  • To highlight accents. You can choose your own colors to convey the general idea and stand out.

Think of specific and clear headlines. Preferably use the words your audience uses. Even if you want to be creative, stop and think about whether your irony will be understood.

Live streamings

Streaming takes place in real-time. Outsiders and followers leave comments as part of the discussion, and the streamer provokes activity and entices them in every way. Users often watch broadcasts of unknown bloggers to learn something and argue. Many manage to stimulate significant audience growth this way.

What streaming gives you:

  • No editing and processing. You do not need to change anything after it, the video is on the channel instantly, you need to prepare the camera and microphone in advance.
  • You can create a stream from your phone or tablet, you don’t have to sit at your computer.
  • Users often like to participate in discussions, argue, and leave a lot of comments to draw attention to themselves.

If all goes well, the first thousands of followers will stay within a week. To increase audience activity, ask people questions, ask them to leave comments, conduct regular polls and giveaways so that users create activity on your channel on their own.

Also, you can buy YouTube views to popularize your broadcast and get more potential YouTube subscribers.

Publications in related publishers

To get promoted and gain your first followers, you have to spend a lot of money on advertising. Otherwise, you will be working for quite a long time for nothing.

Try Facebook groups, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Especially check whether the communities match the topics of your videos. It is important that the target audience is the same or at least close.

Additionally, you can promote yourself on other YouTube channels. Either for a fee when they talk about you in their releases, or for free by drawing attention to your person by leaving comments and calling for viewing.

Another way is mutual PR. You can find a related industry and connect for cross-promotion. But for this method, you must already have subscribers or it becomes unprofitable for two people.

To summarize

There is no common promotion scheme that will work for everyone. Success is achieved through effort, trial, and error, through analyzing problems and thoughtful management you will manage to become popular in your niche. Then popularity will come to you.

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