Santiago Solari, coach of America, meets again with the United States, where he played in 1994

Santiago Solari, coach of America, meets again with the United States, where he played in 1994

Santiago Solari returned to the United States to take on the Conchampions, the country in which he emerged as the best rookie player of the year 1994.

“Santiago Solari should speak English a lot, but well,” remembers his uncle Jorge, the former club coach. USAOver the phone. During the UAE focus for the 1994 World Cup, El Indio, the current coach of the Eagles in Sparring, escorted him to the United States, and there he stayed for four months to study at Stockton University in California. And he played football in the third division of the country of stars and stripes.

“In the World Cup 1994 I have sent two teams to the United States. One for the Argentine national team and the other for Saudi Arabia, Santiago Solari was an extremist. We trained the Arab national team and played the first game against the Netherlands, we needed a winger that would open up and be able to play in the style of Holland, which is why we took it. His father, Eduardo, who is my brother, was going, and we worked together. We did well, but Santiago is not back. ” Jorge Solari, Former coach of America, to ESPN Digital.

If Santiago Solari ever doubted football, it was 1994, the year he decided to stay to study in the United States. At the time, he was the current coach of USA He scored eight goals and dealt 15 assists with a team Stockton University, Ended up as “Rookie of the Year” while honing his English to understand the words of Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones, Portishead, Massive Attack, Radiohead and Thievery Corporation.

“The boy in his youth doubts many things, he feels capable or helpless, excited or unmotivated. Renato Cesarini’s club has done his job, motivating the children, and continues to do so, and asks them to work in football and think about the future, study as much as possible, and get On a decent life. Santiago went to the United States because we had friends in universities in North America, and he went to play in a team, and he seized the opportunity to play and learn the language. Now we know everything he achieved, “he admits. Jorge SolariFrom Argentina.

Poetess formed between Santiago Solari And the United States, boosted by their coach Tim Lenahan, interrupted a River Plate call from Enzo Francicoli, the Eagles’ current idol.

“He left with the idea of ​​staying for a while, to learn the culture of another country, to learn the language. The best way to learn a language is to live in the country that is being spoken. He was there, met people, and then he came to Argentina, we took him to River, and he was a hero, then he went to Europe To Atlético de Madrid, then to Real Madrid, to Italy, where he ended his career and began his career as a technician he now has in USA“.

Santiago Solari He is reunited with the United States, the place where he was awarded the title of “Rookie of the Year,” but now as a coach USA, Opposite Portland Timbers, On the CONCACAF Champions League.

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