The US starts pouring money into the Liga MX


Where United State Little by little they are heading to see Liga MX With the possibility to put money in the Aztec clubs as in football League They see a good alternative in having some measure as a future benefit and the possibility of doing a circular job.

There is no doubt that a team San Luis athlete He was not able to stomp on Liga MX Since their promotion to the first class, coupled with the great investment and enthusiasm of the crowd, the truth is that the situation did not happen as they planned and they have fallen dramatically.

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They are about to be in Last place from Percentage table With this, they will have to pay an amount 120 million pesos They’ll hit Potosino’s box hard in the event of this last blow.

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In this sense, according to ESPN, they have demonstrated that the A group of American investors They are interested in putting the money in San Luis, which already has foreign investments. In this sense, the Atlético de San Luis 51% The club The Payán family accounts for more than 30 percent; s Other investors 19 percent. That way they can make room for more regret, now from the United States.

Atlético de San Luis could have more foreign investment, in this case from the United States


This was recently announced The Tinajero family He will get the support of North American businessmen Jason Levian and Stephen Kaplan, As co-owners DC UnitedIn addition to being co-owners Swansea City From the tournament (second division England).

From this kernel, they have repercussions with other franchises in the United States such as Memphis Grizzlies and Philadelphia 76ers, In addition to other crosses in football as with Crystal Palace.

They plan to get it 50% of the rays Other members of the investment group who would like to buy it include in their represented ranks Eva LongoriaModel Kate Upton And her husband, the MLB jug Justin Verlander, Real estate businessman Telescope And a German footballer Mesut Ozil.

Jason Levian and Stephen Kaplan, faces of the new investment in Necaxa

Jason Levian and Stephen Kaplan, faces of the new investment in Necaxa


The Frontier Team is owned by Alejandra de la Vega ‘s photo And her husband is an American businessman Paul L. Foster, Which was fundamental to the development of the club. Foster is a shareholder of Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) He devoted his life to the refinery business.

Foster sold his refinery Western refining, $ 6.4 billion But he kept shares from them and estimates that he took a profit $ 988 million With them. There are also the popular Arco gas stations, with this one being at Mexico and the United States, Which also has an entry within the club and where Foster also owns capital.

According to Rodrigo CuaroN, managing vice president of Bravos de Juárez, of the six families that own the club, Two of them are from the United StatesWith which he began the neighboring country’s investment in Mexican football.

Paul Foster and Alejandra de la Vega, faces in front of Juarez

Paul Foster and Alejandra de la Vega, faces in front of Juarez

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