Mexico proposes to “gradually reopen” the border with the United States from May


Under Secretary of State for External Relations Roberto Velasco said Mexico expects to lift some restrictions on unnecessary crossings at the border with the United States after the current provisions expire on May 21.

There is an understanding on both sides of the border. Velasco said on Tuesday in an interview with reporters from Dallas Morning News s Until now.

The Mexican official said they are in permanent talks with the Department of Homeland Security to discuss when the transit of Mexican visitors and tourists through land customs can be resumed in a “gradual and orderly” manner.

“Our view is that the first step could be to expand the list of essential activities and analyze local solutions, especially in border towns and communities on the Mexican side where the warning light (of the pandemic) is green or yellow,” Velasco said. Who is visiting the Mexican community in North Texas this week.

According to the measure issued by the United States in March 2020, transit is permitted for reasons related to basic economic activities, for medical or educational reasons, but recreational crossings are prohibited. Air travel is permitted, although US Customs officials always have discretion.

Part of this gradual opening will consist of expanding the list of essential activities, he said.

“The length of the (Mexican-American) border is the same as the distance between Madrid and Moscow. We have huge challenges that are not easy to deal with.”

The United States imposed these restrictions from March 21, 2020, when most economic activities were closed and authorities took measures such as “staying home” to try to combat the epidemic.

The ruling revoked permission to cross into the United States for tourists and even Mexicans with a valid visitor visa. Citizens and permanent residents of the United States can visit Mexico and return to their country without any restrictions.

Both the United States agencies and the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Relations release an update of these restrictions every month, and it is now in its 14th month.

“On both sides of the border, we understand that (the closure of the crossings) is putting pressure” on the border communities.

The restrictions severely affected the economy of Texas’s frontier cities, which depend on consumers residing on the Mexican side. Mexico is Texas’ major economic partner.

“This is a very important issue, especially between Texas and Mexico, where many families are actually bi-national families … We want to return to normal soon,” he said.

The El Paso del Norte International Bridge connects El Paso, Texas with Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

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