Say goodbye to your dog's ticks with this simple kitchen ingredient

Say goodbye to your dog's ticks with this simple kitchen ingredient

the Ticks They are very common parasitic insects, especially if we have a garden full of grass and plants. They have expectations for hairy pets, e.g dog And cats. It usually becomes a problem when it appears as a pest and we start finding it in our home.

In the ongoing battle against TicksPet owners now have an effective home-made solution. This method is not only easy to prepare, but it is also environmentally friendly and safe for you dog. Your pets will be free of these insects and will only need one ingredient in your kitchen: vinegar.

Ticks have a predilection for hairy pets. Source: Pinterest

How to prepare the solution to eliminate ticks?

To prepare the solution that will help you get rid of Ticks From you dogYou need the following components. First, start with a simple liquid base: a cup of water. Add to this two cups of vinegar, known for its repellent and disinfectant properties. Vinegar acts as a natural deterrent against fleas and ticks without harming your dog's skin.

The next step is to add a tablespoon of oil, which can be vegetable, olive or coconut. This product not only helps blend the ingredients but also nourishes the skin and outer layer dog. To complete the mixture, add half a lemon, as the smell of citrus is particularly offensive to parasites.

Get rid of ticks on your pet with this home remedy. Source: Pinterest

This solution for Ticks It is ideal for placing it in a spray container to make it easier to apply to your dog's fur. dog. This homemade spray is especially beneficial for pet owners who often take their pets out for walks, where the risk of tick infestation is higher. Its regular use can keep pets free of these annoying parasites, ensuring their well-being and health.

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