Selena Gomez admits she doesn’t manage her social networks

Selena Gomez admits she doesn’t manage her social networks

Selena Gomez admitted it in an interview He doesn’t manage his social networks for his mental health And that your assistant takes care of that.

The singer spoke about the topic to Elle magazine, after her social networks disappeared in 2017, she said that now she has learned to be good with herself.

“Suddenly I had to learn to be with myself. It was annoying, because before I would spend hours looking at other people’s lives. Now when my friends have something to talk about, they call me,” said the singer.

Gomez also said there were times when she didn’t feel strong enough, and dealing with bipolar disorder was hard for her when it came on.

“My lupus, my kidney transplant, my chemotherapy, my mental illness, and I had to grapple with emotional divisions in the public eye. Selena Gomez admitted there were many things that, frankly, would have defeated me.”

The actress admitted that she moved because she wanted to help more people who felt the same way she did.

Selena revealed that she does not plan to retire from the world of music, a statement that left all her followers very happy.

The artist shared some photos that were part of the interviews on her social networking sites, where it can be seen that they were in black and white.

In total, publications exceeded 10 million “likes” And thousands of positive comments from his fans.

Selena Gomez’s diseases

Selena Gomez’s lupus in 2017 led her to have a kidney transplant as part of her treatment against the disease, and Actress Francia Ressa was his benefactor.

The 28-year-old former star revealed it In 2015, she was diagnosed with SLEIt is a chronic disease that affects the immune system and attacks healthy tissues in the body.

Similarly, Selena Gomez previously revealed Those who secretly underwent chemotherapy And for a while he interrupted his world tour, saying he needed to deal with the effects of lupus, which in addition to the physical damage caused him anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

Later, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, an illness that prompted her to withdraw from the spotlight and on social media.

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