Study says Covid vaccine efficacy low against Delta in US elderly

Study says Covid vaccine efficacy low against Delta in US elderly

the Vaccine efficacy against COVID in people who lives in nursing homes Care centers have declined since Alternate became delta In the dominant United States, government investigators said Wednesday.

Although backtracking, Vaccines are still very effective To prevent serious illnesses requiring hospitalization, according to research published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report.

Spread delta variable, highly contagious, which, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, last month accounted for more than 80% of new infections in United State, have complicated efforts to combat the epidemic in the country and in the world.

researchers from CDC Weekly Data Comparison of 3,862 nursing homes and long-term care centers, from March 1 to May 9, before the delta variant was widespread, with data from 14,917 such centers extending from June 21 to May 9, when it was responsible for the most new infections.

They found that the effectiveness of a two-dose vaccine Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna to prevent any Coronavirus infection – mild or severe – decreased from 74.7% to 53.1%.

The study results were cited by health authorities on Wednesday when they announced that booster vaccines against COVID-19 would be available to Americans starting September 20, as protection from the initial vaccination wanes over time.

The first to receive these reinforcements will be seniors, those who Living in dorms, etc.In addition to people with weakened immune systems.


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