Studying the NBA returns to playing outside the United States

Studying the NBA returns to playing outside the United States

Adam Silverauthorized NBAconfirmed, on Saturday, that he sees the possibility of organizing pre-season matches outside United State In the same year, though, it was ruled out that the pandemic allowed for planning regular season matches at the international level.

“What we want to do again is international travel. We are an international league and the opportunity to move teams is a way to grow,” he emphasized. Adam Silver At a press conference organized in Cleveland (USA), leading up to the All-Star competition, diving skills and 3 points on Saturday.

When asked if it is possible to watch pre-season matches this year, silver He answered, “Yes.”

“It’s something we’re looking forward to now,” he added.

The Commissioner expressed his hope for this all Stars It marks the beginning of the real exit phase of the pandemic, but he stressed that there is still too much “insecurity” to plan for regular season matches outside. United State.

“It won’t happen in the regular season. There will likely be matches before the season Europe. There is a lot of insecurity and we have to plan those matches ahead of time. Without a doubt, we would like to return to Europe“, claimed.

At the press conference, silver He stressed that the pandemic, among other factors, had increased the pressure on players and considered it increasingly important to protect their mental health.

“Psychological problems have multiplied in the pandemic for everyone. It’s extra pressure. Teams are putting additional resources to work on the players’ well-being,” he said, without wishing to comment on specific cases, such as that the Australian Ben Simmonswho has not competed for nearly a year, claiming personal problems.

He added, “We’re talking about humans doing jobs that require great pressure. People can be very enthusiastic with them,” noting that social media is also a major source of pressure on players.

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