The series that set the record for audience in the United States, according to Nielsen



The viewership scale revealed a new leader in the US top 10 viewership list, leaving the Netflix series as the most popular.

Netflix: The record-breaking series for audiences in the United States, according to Nielsen.
© NetflixNetflix: The record-breaking series for audiences in the United States, according to Nielsen.

The advancement of streaming services makes the competition more difficult to achieve the largest possible number of subscribers in the world, but also the number of copies is important. To see exactly in the United States, the audience meter Nelson It publishes week by week platform reports Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu TV, Apple TV +although the reports were delayed by about a month.

I already mentioned that CharmOne of the Disney+ films, it managed to stay on top of the rankings as the most popular in the United States and overtaken Netflix content. We have to mention that lists not led by products from platform N are just exceptions, so they quickly reclaimed the throne.

+ The most popular Netflix series in the United States

According to the latest update of Nelson On his official website, The series was the most watched in the US between the week of January 17-23, 2022 OzarksFrom Netflixin total Played 2.904 million minutes. It is one of the most awaited programs by viewers and made a successful comeback with the first part of its fourth and final season.

“Ozark” is a touching contemporary drama chronicling the journey of the Byrdie family from their ordinary life in suburban Chicago to their dangerous criminal enterprise in the Ozarks, Missouri. The series takes an in-depth look at capitalism, family dynamics, and survival through the eyes of extraordinary the official summary of this novel, which will contain 7 more episodes.

Charm In second place with 1.511 million minutes watched and file 81 I climbed to the podium with a time of 1.035 million minutes. The rest of the top ten were completed by: NCIS (732 million), coconut (686 million), Cobra Kai (670), criminal minds (648 million), Encourage (597 million), Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (595 m) and boba fett book (580 AD).

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