The First Lady: The wives of US presidents are reunited in a series that covers their lives

“The First Lady”: An anthology series recreating the lives of first ladies Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford, and Michelle Obama. (show time)

Created by Aaron CooleyAnd the the first lady This week he presented an impressive trailer. With three first women to occupy the White House at different times in US history, this series shows the work and role of Eleanor Roosevelt (Gillian Anderson), wife Franklin D. RooseveltHere, it is explained by Kiefer SutherlandAnd the Betty Ford (Michelle Pfeiffer)married to the president Gerald Ford (Aaron Eckhart) And the Michelle Obama (Viola Davis), The first lady is married to Barack Obama who plays him OT FagbenleThe Handmaid’s Tale.

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As a way to approach the lives of these women, the first lady (Promoted as the American version of the crown) aims to explore their perspectives on a world they did not choose but this comes to them in pursuit of their husbands’ political dream. It is a paraphrase of real leadership in the United States, showing how many decisions that changed the country’s history had already been taken by them in the East Wing, but were hidden from the rest of the citizens.

Viola Davis as Michelle Obama along with the actresses who play her mother and daughters in “The First Lady”. (show time)

Complex but also energetic, influential women are the protagonists of this series who travel into each one of them’s past, while showing us their arrival at the White House and the best and worst moments as First Ladies. In the first season, of 10 episodes, the tales of these three women will be told, but it is estimated that the series will have new seasons in which other first ladies will be added.

The series will be broadcast in Latin America by Paramount+, The premiere will take place on April 18th. Next week, the United States will celebrate the anniversary of President’s DayAnd from show time (The channel through which the series will be watched in the United States) has scheduled a series of production promotions that will surely provide more details about the series. It will premiere in North America on April 17th.

Michelle Pfeiffer is First Lady Betty Ford in "the first lady".  (show time)
Michelle Pfeiffer as First Lady Betty Ford in The First Lady. (show time)

During the episodes we’ll also see Dakota Fanning (my name is Sam) how Susan Elizabeth Ford Regina Taylor (I’ll fly away) as Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Shields Robinson, lily spring (american horror story) plays the journalist and friend of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok and Jamie Lawson (Batman) as the young Michelle Obama.

They also participate Judy Greer (mix) as Nancy Howe, Elaine Borstein As Franklin’s mother, Sarah Delano Roosevelt, Jackie Earl Haley As political advisor to President Franklin Roosevelt, Louis McHenry Howe, Maria Desi As the woman who had an affair with Roosevelt, Lucy Mercer Rutherford, and Kate Mulgrew Translation Susan Sher, Michelle Obama’s chief of staff.

Gillian Anderson will be Eleanor Roosevelt in the US First Ladies anthology series.  (show time)
Gillian Anderson will be Eleanor Roosevelt in the US First Ladies anthology series. (show time)

The rest of the creative team consists of the director and executive producer Susan Berger (backing down), accompanied by Kathy Shulman (Crashes), besides production, it also plays the role of renderer, while Viola Davis Julius Tennon And the Andrew Wang From JuVee Productions Join the executive production.

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