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The real power factors are manifested from time to time; Elites establish positions on public policy decisions and a discourse is created that is also visible. This context generates additional pressures on rulers, political leaders, representatives and heads of state, in addition, this group of interests can be distinguished based on their abilities to exercise media, political or social pressure. For example, in the case of the United StatesBusiness groups have specific weight in determining government actions on certain issues, such as energy policy. When capital, investments or potential profits are at risk, permanent activity can easily be found by these groups.

In this order of ideas, the situation is a frank example of pressure exerted by elites on the US government, which, in turn, strained relations with the Mexican government. The catalyst for such a confrontation was the legislative project promoted by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador regarding the management of electric power in the country. It is an issue that ruptures the lofty interests of capital from abroad as well as from citizens; It is not a simple topic. However, American representation has become a kind of containment of changes from the perspective of the national interest to which the reform is intended.

one of The biggest drawback for those promoting this new national electricity model is the campaign being dragged through the media against the proposal. In analysis, this measure can be described as a unifying expression of American conservatism.

The reaction of the neighboring country, through the strained relations between the two governments, is alarming in more ways than one: first, the degree of priority given to the energy issue, and this is manifested in the choice of interlocutors to determine positions and deal with a problem (It is important to remember that the US government preferred to replace its ambassador and appoint the position of Secretary of State himself); Second, you served the cause of electricity – in American domestic politics – Conservatives express their skepticism, skepticism and criticism of the Mexican government for ensuring security, stability, and so on.(In this regard, the harsh words made by Ted Cruz, the US Senator; and third, the difficulty of progress in discussing other relevant issues in the bilateral relationship, i.e., during the Manichaeism of the Electric Debate. It remains in the relationship forum, then the talks and negotiations on the Other matters – equal or more relevant – such as security or immigration.

In spite of In the course of dealing with this issue, it is expedient to overcome internal divisions over the appropriateness and feasibility of reform, in order to bring forward the group’s progress in the discussion abroad. To achieve this purpose, it is necessary for the opposition group to draw up arguments Progress has been made in the debate, however, such a proposal appears complicated given the inability – so far – to seriously address issues of importance to the country’s future.

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