Stunning mansion worth 250 million dollars sold for zero dollars in the United States

Stunning mansion worth 250 million dollars sold for zero dollars in the United States

In 1900, Peter Widener, one of the richest men in the world at the time, built a luxurious mansion. Headquarters was christened Lynwood Hall. But then it was known as “The Last American Versailles”.

Palace Inside / Luxurious Main Line

The site chosen was a 14-hectare site near the city of Philadelphia, USA, the design was carried out by Horace Trumpbauer, a prominent American architect known for designing housing for the wealthiest individuals of the day.

The palace is full of artworks by great artists

In its original concept, it had 55 rooms and 20 bathrooms. In addition, there is an indoor pool, a ballroom with a 1,000-seat dance floor, and its own art gallery.

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A 2014 article in the Philadelphia Inquirer described the palace as a place “awash with silk, velvet, and gold, with rooms furnished with Louis XV Palace chairs, Persian rugs, Chinese ceramics, and corridors filled with valuable artworks. Written by Raphael, Rembrandt, El Greco, Van Dyck, Donatello.”

Lynnewood Hall, better known as

Lynnewood Hall, Known As “The Last American Versailles” / Main Line Luxury

Widener had made much of his fortune from public transportation. When he retired from business, he settled in Lynnwood. But these were not at all peaceful or happy years for him.

family tragedy

The grandiose owner of the huge mansion was an investor with 20 percent of the Titanic. He was saved from sinking because he refused to take a place on the ship due to his advanced age. However, there was her son George, her daughter-in-law Eleanor, and her grandson Harry.

The three had traveled abroad in search of a chef for the family’s new hotel, and decided to return home in style and board the famous boat that ended up at the bottom of the ocean. Only Eleanor survived. Three years after the terrible drowning, Peter Widener died. His youngest son, Joseph, inherited the mansion and later died in 1943.

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New directions for Lynnewood Hall

Nearly a decade later, radio star Carl McIntyre converted the house into a seminary, but the institution closed in 1992 due to financial problems. McIntire reportedly sold many of the home’s furniture and items. He contented himself with “closing the damaged areas of the building” instead of restoring them. that escalated with deterioration.

The building was sold to a religious group for $0 / Main Line Luxury

The building was sold to a religious group for $0 / Main Line Luxury

Later, the first Korean Church in New York bought the property and is currently the owner of the property.

Ridiculous sale value

At its height, the mansion was valued at over $250 million. Although the information circulating indicates that the religious group bought it for 0 US dollars. Harry Sherry, a real estate agent from Main Line Luxury, told the Daily Star.

The deteriorating condition was crucial to its value. But also, “Although many of Horace Trumpauer’s creations have stood the test of time, Lynnewood Hall is not what wealthy families are looking for today,” Cherry said.

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