The delivery woman was left with the injunction not to endorse Grupo Milenio’s party

The delivery woman was left with the injunction not to endorse Grupo Milenio’s party

The story of the delivery girl went viral on social networks of food, When discovering that the client You will give her advice that you considered unfair, He took the package back and did not deliver it to the customer.

Events were going to happen in the city From New York, United States The story spread widely thanks to the video images captured With a security camera where the conversation that the customer overhears is heard I argued with the driver after I stayed At the door of the house to deliver food.

The delivery girl complained about the advice the customer would give her private

in Shared video on YouTube, the woman’s voice can be heard asking to speak to the customer. In conversation, the woman tells him so It took over 40 minutes to deliver your order So consider that the tip of the iceberg eight dollars About 144 Mexican pesos no He was right.

“Can I talk to you?. I don’t think you realized where I came from, so I need to talk to you.” According to the delivery person, he drove about 40 minutes.

Given the merchant’s arguments, The customer replied that the business where he placed his order was about 15 or 20 minutes away From the drive home, the woman denied this situation and told her the place was short 19 kilometers away.

“I don’t think you realize how far it is,” The delivery girl replied. Then the customer asked her why she had the order if the place was so far away, but she replied that it was The application does not allow you to know after the location Who should you go to to collect the order?

“I think you need to adjust your advice to make it right,” said the woman. The customer replied “What the hell are you looking for?” This annoyed the worker. “I will return the food,” he replied, took the order and left.

When the clip went viral, Hundreds of netizens responded to the delivery girl’s request And They made sure to get an $8 tip “It’s good money” And they gave it reason for the customer They also confirmed that it was good advice.

“As a DoorDash driver, the $8 tip is good money! I can’t believe he brought the food back”; “This woman never worked for a tip. Eight dollars is a home run”; “Drivers know the mileage, the payment, the order, the delivery address…everything before delivery.” If you accept it, tip or not, it’s up to you.”; “Isn’t $8 enough? That’s a lot more than you received,” were some of the reactions.

Thanks to the spread of the story, Door Dash spokespersonThe delivery girl who works for her, she went out to give some sayings, according to what he said center of the mirror.

“We take the safety of our community very seriously, and such inappropriate behavior is not tolerated on the DoorDash platform.”

“Any behavior that violates this zero tolerance policy is grounds for deactivation, and the Dasher involved has been removed from our platform.”

“We have been in touch with the customer to provide support and we sincerely regret that this incident was not the experience we strive to provide every day.”


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