The FGR has extradited two men wanted in the United States for abuse of minors

The FGR has extradited two men wanted in the United States for abuse of minors
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The Office of the Prosecutor General (FGR) has extradited two men on various criminal grounds requested by the US authorities for their alleged responsibility for sexual crimes committed against minors.

In the first case, Ricardo Barron’s life, a Mexican national, is wanted by the California Supreme Court, Orange County, for possible responsibility for sexual offenses against minors in November 2018.

According to research conducted in the United States, Ricardo Baron attacked two minors aged 10 and 13 from his family. A member of his family reported him and fled his place of residence.

On the other hand, Louis Aguirre has been extradited to appear in the Arizona State Supreme Court, in Maricopa County, for being likely responsible for offenses of touching and sexual conduct against a minor., as well as sexual assault.

These two individuals were handed over at Mexico City International Airport (AICM), to designated United States agents for transport to that country.

layoffs at FGR

FGR Building (Photo: Google Maps)
FGR Building (Photo: Google Maps)

the Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR) will launch at least 900 agents nationwide And nearly half will be of those Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) for reasons austerity Dependency restructuring.

In offices, only the reasons for the general budget were indicated, but federal sources made it clear today What is this metric you are looking for? Office rent reduction, In addition to Moving the headquarters of the institution to facilities previously occupied by the Federal Police On the free highway between Mexico and Toluca.

In addition, FGR leaders told the same media that The main victim They will be the people who in the last decade have been seen as Civil servants in the civil serviceHence, it is possible to separate them.

It is assumed that it will be 400 items served at AIC The rest will be experts, officials of the Federal Public Prosecution Office and trusted employees.

In the meantime, a dependency that’s trending Alejandro Gertz Maniro He did not provide clarification on the issue, although he was consulted by this medium and many others. One of those affected even pointed out that Up to 1,200 agents will be laid off.

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