Hundreds of migrants flood shelters at the US-Mexico border


on the border between Mexico s United State the Shelters are overflowing. The rapid increase in the arrival of mostly Haitian immigrants broke all charts.

“What we didn’t know was that many would arrive soon, which is why we were taken by surprise, but here we are.”, highlights Thomas Diosdado, Refugios Alfa Coordinator and Omega Mexicali

only in town Mexicali They had to open two more shelters in the last week of December. Municipal authorities already serve more than 1300 Haiti They noted that there are still many miles currently at the border. Request help the neighbors To try to meet everyone’s needs. Many of them have already provided food, clothing and medicine.

“The truth is that we have to learn to live with them, to live with them, and I would say it is a very good opportunity, just as many countries in the world have done to benefit from migration”, says Thomas Diosdado.

In recent days, the city exhibited 700 jobs For immigrants who have settled their immigration status. Mathieu is one of many Haitians who have decided to stay.

“Here in Mexicali, everything is fine because they have a lot of work to be able to work, and I don’t think of going to work on the other side to go to work in the United States, I’d better stay here, until one finds a normal life”Matthew says

Until December 1 more than 47,000 Haitians have applied for asylum in Mexico.

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