US Defense Secretary confirms he has Covid-19


On Sunday, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin reported that he had contracted Covid-19, while Variable Omicron, highly contagious, spread throughout the United States.

The Pentagon chief said in a statement that Austin’s symptoms were “mild” and he will remain in home quarantine for the next five days.

Austin He confirmed that he had received a full and booster vaccination, which “made the infection milder than it was.”

“Vaccines work and will continue to be a military medical requirement for our workforce,” Austin recalls.

“I continue to encourage everyone who qualifies for a booster shot to get it.”

Austin He mentioned that he was in contact with the president for the last time Joe Biden On December 21, more than a week before she started experiencing symptoms, she tested negative that morning.

He confirmed in a statement that he would retain full powers and would effectively attend key meetings and discussions “to the fullest extent possible.”

Austin is the latest high-ranking US official to contract Covid-19, as the Omicron variant triggered a record spike in infections.

Several prominent members of Congress recently disclosed that they had contracted the virus. Biden’s press secretary, Jean Psaki, hired her in October.


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