City Council and Freedom Objectives organize a solidarity football match in El Puig for a Ugandan school


Puig City Council, in cooperation with a non-governmental organization Goals for Freedom Next Sunday, January 9th, at 12:00 pm, you will celebrate a friendly football match at the La Pedrera Sports Center, in order to raise funds for a charitable cause.

It is a healthy sporting competition match, freedom, fun and above all respect. goals for freedom, It is more than just a game, it is an educational program that is taught through football practice and takes place on the African continent, specifically in Uganda.

It is a project that promotes equal rights through sport. As stated on their website, “Use sports practice to develop self-esteem, empowerment, decision-making, and leadership ability for women, teens and children, to make a difference in society through football.”

Help set up a school in Uganda

Committed to social and sporting matters, Puig City Council wanted to show the most supportive side of Third World problems by organizing this event. Intention is strength Help set up a school in Uganda In this way ensuring a decent future for all girls, boys and women, promoting their studies and breaking the cycle of poverty.

To attend this event, all those who wish to play a friendly football match for the purpose of solidarity, in a festive atmosphere, are invited. To register, simply sign up for WhatsApp 67333113 and it includes in-game participation, a T-shirt and a post-match meal.

Donations are voluntary and can be made on match day on the website , or at account number ES76 2100 7301 4102 0005 3744. CaixaBank is also collaborating on this event, with financial assistance, and Red Blanca, through T-shirts.

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