The relationship between photography and the exact sciences

The relationship between photography and the exact sciences

“Bapatean” by Unai Arnaz Emaz (1st prize) and “Distinta” by Miguel Angel Pérez Herrero (local prize).

Barrena Lounge hosts an exhibition featuring award-winning works selected from the “VIII Lemniskata Mathematical Photography Contest”

DV Ordysia.

Until next Monday, 28, the lobby of the Parina Palace is home to the exhibition featuring the award-winning photographs as well as a selection (a total of 40) of those submitted to the ‘VIII Lemniskata Mathematical Photography Contest’.

He reviews the orthodoxy that the picture belongs to mathematical photography when its content must, obviously, have some mathematical aspect. That is, if the mathematical component is clearly appreciated. It may well be arithmetic, geometry, numbering, division, series, theory, symmetries, rotation, mosaic, etc.

For more worldviews on the matter, a photograph can be understood as mathematical if there is an intention, on the part of the author, to reflect a mathematical concept in it, and to give, in this sense, special value to the title of the shot.

Well, this year’s invitation was attended by 206 photographs submitted by 57 writers, which were submitted for consideration by the jury made up of Pilar Aguayo, José Ignacio Rodriguez and Iker Pardo, leading to the following verdict. First Prize: Unai Arnaz Emaz (Lazkau) for “Babatain”. Secondly, Tony Barbani (Barcelona) “Establishment Oo”. third; Florentino Molero (Córdoba) “Unbelievable”. The local award went to Miguel Angel Pérez (Urretxu) “Distinta”.

Unai Arnaz reviews that for more than two decades, as a hobby of photography, he has been closely associated with a special dedication, subject matter and inspiration that he finds in nature; Landscapes and animals. “The task I deal with, she points out, with a mirrorless reflex camera. The key, when it comes to achieving the best result, is lighting control. ”

“And in these pandemic days – review – with confinement, the possibility of crossing the door of the house is gone, but today it is given more than ever, so it is time to move as option B to what we can consider a studio portrait.”

“I had been thinking about the idea for a while and got to work. A black cloth was placed in the bathtub, which served as a backdrop, to which a balloon inflated from the lungs containing a flower was suspended in the knot and folded with rope. Open shutter and flash, piercing the globe. A process that I repeated a dozen times until “Papatin” appeared, just like that, without retouching. Of course, when introducing it, I flipped it, turned it upside down, and gave it a 180-degree rotation,” says the artist.

Miguel Ángel Pérez points out that the subject of his work is in turn nature, though birds in particular and in a state of motion “for which you need a fast-acting camera”. Retired, he just arrived from Poland, where he returned with a collection of more than 5,000 images of eagles and bison.

“I belong to the Icaza Photographic Association in Legazpi, and every month we have a social contest in which the topic changes; Architecture, Contrapicado, etc. I love everything. And from an outing to Mirandaola he had “different”. Some leaves frozen on the ground for an untreated cat. I thought I saw a consistency and showed it,” he concludes.

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