The Ugandan athlete who circumvented the Tokyo 2021 bubble returns home

The Ugandan athlete who circumvented the Tokyo 2021 bubble returns home

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the Weightlifter, Julius Cikitolikowho was missing for several days after escaping from the accommodation provided by the Tokyo Olympics organization, They will be sent home immediatelyThe Ugandan Embassy in Japan announced.

The Ugandan diplomatic delegation said in a statement that The necessary preparations have been made to return the athlete to his homeland As soon as today, Wednesday, and that he will continue to cooperate with the competent authorities in the investigation of the case.

Anything related to evading responsibilities Which he had to accomplish in Japan and related to his disappearance from the training camp It will be properly managed when you return to Ugandasaid the African Embassy in his office.

Ssekitoleko left Izumisano Hotel last Friday, the city where the Ugandan Olympic team has accommodation and training facilities before the Games, leaving a note in it He expressed his desire to stay in Japan And work in the country to leave the difficulties in their home country.

Yesterday, police found the 20-year-old athlete in Mie Prefecture (central Japan), where he is believed to have traveled after traveling by high-speed train from Osaka (west), the area where he settled. Uganda team.

It was planned that Sselitoleko returned to Uganda a few days ago without participating in the Tokyo Olympics, because he did not meet the requirements necessary to compete in weightlifting, according to the Ugandan delegation.

Strict regulations put in place to hold the “bubble” Tokyo Games in the midst of the pandemic ban athletes or other event participants from traveling anywhere other than their hotel, training venue or locations previously approved by the organization.


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