Fix or Throw: Three Simple Hacks to Repair Sports Gear


If you’re into fitness, you know it’s not as simple as throwing on a pair of trainers and hitting the treadmill. Your sports gear can have a major impact on performance, empowering you to hit your goals and keeping your body in tip-top shape.   

Some swear by the difference a new pair of gym leggings can make, and others feel they’re nothing without their favorite tennis racket to help them nail those tricky shots. While great equipment can improve your performance, it can leave a significant dent in your bank balance too.  

That’s why it’s so soul-destroying when it breaks, but it’s not always necessary to throw expensive equipment away at the first sign of wear and tear. Here, we look at a few clever hacks for fixing what’s broken without breaking the bank or having to replace it.  

Hack #1: Fix torn wetsuits with special glues and patches

For those who are into triathlons or any other sort of outdoor swimming or watersports, wetsuits are an essential piece of kit. Retailing anywhere from $50 upwards, the best can carry price tags in their hundreds, meaning it can be costly to replace them.

If you’ve noticed a few small holes appearing in your suit, there’s no need to panic – simply get your hands on one of the many special types of glue or patches that are out there and designed for this job. The latter can often be ironed on, meaning you can have your wetsuit repaired and ready to go in as little as 15 minutes. You can even use duct tape in an emergency!       

Hack #2: Repair trainers and hiking boots with shoe glue

Wetsuits aren’t the only potentially expensive piece of equipment – trainers and hiking shoes can also cost a lot. Worse, once you’ve found the perfect pair, it can be really hard to replace them, so you want to get as much wear out of them as you can.

But what happens when the sole comes away from your shoe or you spot a hole in it? Rather than binning your favorite footwear, try applying shoe glue to the problem area. All you need to do is add a thin layer to one surface and then press the torn parts together.

Leave this to set for 24 to 48 hours and your shoe should be as good as new. This means no needlessly shelling out for a new pair.      

Hack #3: Restring broken tennis racquets

What about when you break your favorite tennis racquet? The one that seems to magically enhance your performance on the court. Some people will tell you it’s no good even trying to fix it; rather, your best bet is to replace it.

But that’s like searching for the holy grail. Not all racquets are created equal, and your chances of finding such a good one again seem slim. If this rings true for you, it’s time to try restringing. This should take no more than 35 minutes, and you can even customize the amount of tension you want in your racket. All you’ll need is some utility scissors and a stringing machine.

While your newly strung racket won’t turn you into the next Nadal or Zverev, it might just improve your performance court-side.

The next time your favorite piece of equipment breaks, don’t bin it; try your hand at one of these hacks so you get to enjoy it for longer.

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