The United States confirms that the Russian forces have no food or fuel

The United States confirms that the Russian forces have no food or fuel

“In general, we feel that the Russian army is heading towards Kyiv,” he added Currently at a dead endThe official told reporters.

“We think part of this is about maintenance and logistics,” he added. We also think that the Russians themselves in general They are regrouping, rethinking and trying to adapt to the challenges they faced“.

Six days after Russia invaded its ex-Soviet neighbor, the official said a huge Russian convoy north of Kyiv was barely moving, but The United States believes that it still intends to encircle and fence the capital of UkraineUsing siege tactics if necessary.

In addition, he said that the Ukrainian army continues to defy the invading force and that the Russians have not controlled the country’s skies. They also failed to achieve their first major goal, the second largest city in Ukraine, Kharkivin the northeast, where the fiercest battles took place.

But in the south, Russia stationed its forces along the coast, from the Crimea to the Russian border in the east, and besieged the port city. Mariupol.

The Pentagon believes that the progress of Russia’s 150,000-strong combat force to invade Ukraine (about 80% have entered the country so far) has been much slower than planned and is now facing a shortage of supplies.

“In a lot of cases, what we’re seeing are plumes that literally run out of fuel,” the defense official said. “Now they are running out of food for their troops“.

The official also claimed, although he did not provide any evidence, that there were signs that morale was starting to falter from the Russian side, which employs a large number of conscripted soldiers.

“Obviously not everyone has been fully trained and prepared, and even warned that they will be sent on combat action,” he said.

“We have independently obtained indications of our own that morale is declining in some of these units,” he added.

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