Humberto Salazar is on a US tour

Humberto Salazar is on a US tour

The Mayor of Jerez de García Salinas, Humberto Salazar Contreras, has made a working tour to different parts of the United States, visiting different immigrant communities and thus expanding networks of cooperation between Jerez residents living within and beyond national borders.

The tour included California and Nevada, where the mayor had the opportunity to meet with the clubs of different citizens, who expressed their support for the Jerez families, especially from the mountains.

In Napa Valley, the council delegation, made up of Chancellor Martha Alamillo and Immigrant Concern Chief Rogelio Murillo, met with Napa City Council representatives to strengthen ties on immigration issues.

Similarly, Humberto Salazar met with Oswaldo Segura, president of the Los Haro immigrant club, and Francisco Gonzalez, president of the San Jose, California Federation. These associations demonstrated their solidarity in the economic and social revitalization of the municipality.

On the other hand, in the company of Tecnológico Nacional Director, Campus Jerez, Victor Castaneda Miranda, residents of Jerez residing abroad have been given the opportunity to pursue higher education at this institution at a cost of $150 per year, in-line.

The working tour of Nevada has ended, with an agreement with Club Migrante de Tetillas to donate orthopedic devices to Jerez residents with disabilities.

This tour also served to promote the A Fair with a Cause Program, which is planned to use certain income from this celebration to help the families of the Sierra Jerezana, an initiative well received by the immigrant community, who will join in with financial and in-kind support.

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