The United States: Security vulnerabilities revealed before and …

The United States: Security vulnerabilities revealed before and …

At least two weeks before the attack on the United States Capitol On January 6, those responsible for securing the building were reviewed Clues to a possible armed invasion, But A series of communications and intelligence failures It prevented that information from reaching the clients deployed there. And about the possibility of “clashes” with demonstrators inside and outside the conference facilities, The police who deployed to the site received instructions that were “chaotic, intermittent and, according to several frontline agents, non-existent.”. This is indicated by the first bipartisan investigation into the extraordinary attack carried out by extremist followers of then-President Donald Trump, and published by two US Senate committees on Tuesday.

The more than 100-page report attributes what happened to serious mistakes made by US intelligence agencies, the Pentagon and the Capitol Police.In addition to mentioning the lack of adequate training on the part of the agents who protected Congress. The document does not analyze the root causes that led Trump’s radical supporters to assault the Capitol, namely the complaints without evidence from the now former president that they “stole” last November’s election, in which incumbent President Joe Biden is in. .

While that, Senators focus on the factors that caused the response to the attack to be so weak and slowAnd it did not prevent the intruders from entering the plenary session of the House of Representatives, in a rebellion that left five dead. “The entities responsible for protecting Congress and everyone else who was there that day were not prepared for a full-scale attack.The report notes in its conclusions.

The document reveals that Intelligence specialists from the Capitol Police learned on December 21 that some protesters were planning to go armed to the action called for by Trump January 6 in Washington. They also knew supporters of the Republican leader were sharing maps of the Capitol on the Internet. and discussing where they can enter and how to lock themselves inside without members of Congress being able to escape.

Among the publications in the report are threats such as: Bring weapons. Now or never. s “We can’t give them a choice. The sheer number of weapons is our only chance.”, Hinge New York times. However, this information was only shared with those who lead the Capitol Police: neither with the leaders of the apparatus nor with the agents deployed in the building.

Among its conclusions, Senate document recommends reforms to the Capitol Police and its board of directors “To ensure that actions like those of January 6 are not repeated,” he is asking the Pentagon and the Washington National Guard to develop a plan to better protect the Capitol building.

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