Exploring Five Major Forex Trading Strategy

Exploring Five Major Forex Trading Strategy

To trade properly, you have to choose the right trading strategy. Remember, if you can’t choose the right strategy, you can’t make a profit. So, firstly contemplate your requirements and your capability so that you can choose the right strategy for you. However, if you can’t trade with the right strategy, you will not survive in the market for a long time. Experts always choose the right strategy which helps them to make money in the market.

However, in this post, we will discuss the five major Forex trading strategy which will aid you to get the good result. We hope it would help you to choose the right one.

Day trading strategy

Traders who do other jobs, choose the day trading strategy so that they can earn some extra money. But, day trading requires huge patience. Besides this, being a trader, if you can’t maintain discipline, day trading will not be suitable for you. Along with this, if you can’t control your emotions, you will face huge problems deciding as a day trader. For this reason, firstly identify whether the strategy suits you or not. If you find, you can’t use the strategy properly, you should choose another one.

Price action strategy

Some traders prefer to use the price action strategy. In this strategy, traders analyze the historical price movements of the currencies and use some indicators such as Fibonacci Retracement, trendlines, candlestick patterns, and so on. According to experts, if the traders can use the price action strategy properly, they might get the chance to make huge money. For this, they have to interpret the price action chart properly. Because, if they make the wrong interpretation, they will face huge problems. However, the price action strategy helps the traders to find out the good trades in every time frame.

As a novice price action trader, emphasize the broker selection process. Most of the elite traders prefer to trade with fx broker UAE as they can use the high-end tools. So, if you wish to wish for the price action strategy, trade with a good broker.

Trend trading strategy

To make good profits, traders should go with the trend of the market. However, for this, they have to identify the right trend of the market. However, if you want to ply the trend trading strategy, you should trade in a higher time frame. Because, in the shorter time frame, it’s difficult to find out the trend of the market. To identify the trend, traders need to use some indicators such as CCI, RSI, and so on. Remember, don’t try to go against the trend because it can cause huge problems.

Position trading

If you choose a position trading strategy, you may trade freely even though you might be new to this profession. Because you don’t need to monitor the market always. For this reason, you can do relax. However, you don’t need to take emotional pressure because you will get huge time between opening and closing the trades. But, traders don’t get the opportunity to trade more in the market. Because they need to hold the position for weeks, months, even years. That’s why some major news influences their trading process. So, as a position trader, you have to become aware of the major news releases. Or else, you will face problems.

Quick scalping

Quick scalping is short-term trading. Traders don’t need to hold the position for a long time. For this reason, they get many opportunities to trade more. But, like the day trading, it will give you huge emotional pressure. So, if you can’t take this, you might face a major loss in the market. But, you don’t need to gather much knowledge as a quick scalper. But, you have to make a quick decision for making the money.

So, after knowing about these strategies, you may easily choose the right one. However, to make sure, you can check out the strategy through the demo account. As a consequence, you will easily understand which one will be better for you.


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