Germany reassures the United States about the Russian gas pipeline


Washington. Yesterday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Germany was cooperating to mitigate the effects of an oil pipeline from Russia, after Washington criticized the decision to waive sanctions.

President Biden’s government last month withdrew from imposing sanctions on the builder of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which will provide energy for Germany, drawing praise from Moscow as the summit with President Putin approaches on the 16th.

Blinken was criticized in Congress for this decision, and said the pipeline construction was too advanced to be stopped.

Nord Stream 2, due to go online in early 2020, wants to double Russia’s natural gas supply capacity to Europe.

“In our view, the worst possible outcome would be to complete construction of the pipeline, poison relations with Germany, and without incentives to return to the table to work on how to mitigate the serious negative consequences,” Blinken said. “The Germans are at the table now, and we are in active contact with them,” he said.

Ukraine declared itself particularly disturbed by Nord Stream 2, which would allow Russia to overrun its territory, preventing the country from earning revenue and influence, when fighting pro-Moscow separatists.

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