The United States wants 40% of new cars to be electric by 2040 – present – hybrid and electric cars

The United States wants 40% of new cars to be electric by 2040 – present – hybrid and electric cars

The US government is urging car brands to put in batteries so that users see it possible to buy electric cars, and that their sales will make up 40% of the total by 2040. In return, manufacturers are asking for more White House subsidies to help promote fleet renewal, and above all Raise funds to charge infrastructure.

In Europe we already echoed the proposal a few weeks ago to completely eliminate the possibility of acquiring a non-electric car in 2035. Perhaps a somewhat risky move, but sooner or later it will be created. In the United States, they also attack the fossil fuel car, although, to tell the truth, here they are more cautious and give some margin to manufacturers.

As I said, the US government provides a certain maneuverability to various brands, so that the majority agree to this step, as long as the government is committed Providing grants to promote the marketing of electric vehiclesEstablishing a reliable and high-quality recharge network.

This plan will lay the foundation for the development, manufacture and sale of electric vehicles, something US brands have not yet identified. They already have projects and ideas, but they haven’t yet taken the risk of providing electrification data for their domain for a specific year as many European or Asian brands have done.

Although there is no formal agreement at the moment, groups such as General Motors are waiting to start negotiations with the US government. Other manufacturers like Stellantis have yet to comment on this, while Ford has already announced that by 2030, at least 40% of their global vehicles will be fully electric.

Brian Rothenberg, a spokesman for the United Auto Workers (UAW), the union of workers in the auto sector in the United States and Canada, admitted that they are already in talks with various automakers and the White House itself, and admits that they have not yet reached a decisive agreement, although They are not far from achieving it.

These talks are still in a preliminary state. By the time the White House reaches a formal agreement with various automakers, it will commit to generating significant support in which to strengthen the infrastructure and transshipment networks through an investment of $550,000 million, an amount that has already been accepted by the United States. Senate. From there, $7.5 billion will go directly to specialized companies that will be responsible for implementing the development of chargers for electric vehicles across the country.

This investment will double the current cost of public services for the entire country. Analysts have already confirmed that an investment of $87 billion will be necessary throughout this decade, so that we can face a viable development in charging services for electric vehicles, whether cars or even trucks. This will be essential in order to address the Executive’s current plans to halve the amount of harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere.

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