The United States will seek global rules to prevent misuse of AI

The United States will seek global rules to prevent misuse of AI

The United States will seek to establish global rules to prevent abuse Artificial Intelligence (AI)On Tuesday, the foreign minister said, Anthony BlinkRenewed warnings against Russia because of piracy.

Speaking at a conference on emerging technologies, the head of US diplomacy said that action will be taken, both at the diplomatic and security levels, on artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies.

“If they’re going to become part of our national defense, we want the world to have a common understanding of how to do it responsibly, in the same way that we’ve made rules about how we use conventional and nuclear weapons,” he said.

This is how we reduce the risk of proliferation and prevent escalation or unwanted incidents.

Blinken also expressed concern about the growing number of authoritarian countries, led by China, using the Internet and new technologies to curb dissent and impose greater control.

“So the world has reached a tipping point. We have to choose between giving up our vision of the Internet or intensifying the fight. We will intensify the fight,” Blinken said.

“We will adhere to the principles of an open, secure, reliable, and interoperable Internet across the spectrum of our commitments, from trade agreements to governance and hardware,” he added.

Blinken’s comments come amid growing concern about extortion cyber attacks, including the hack that shut down a pipeline in the United States.

US officials say many of these cyberattacks come from Russian soil, though links with the Moscow government are not clear.

President Joe Biden said he warned his counterpart Vladimir Putin in a phone call Friday that the United States would not stand idly by, a message Blinken reiterated.

“Our message is clear: Countries that host cybercriminals have a responsibility to take action, or we will,” the secretary of state said.

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