These are the five golden tips to take better care of your feet

These are the five golden tips to take better care of your feet

Health starts with the feet. It is often said that building health is sustainable from it, and that it is necessary to provide it with physical and mental balance.

And although we do not know it or do not notice it, the feet hurt. They suffer from daily stress, from the shoes used, from the posture and the activities we do. In fact, there is no such thing as suffering for the good feet pain – even if it’s just because the shoe hurts us – to remind us how important it is to take care of it.

capacity foot To adapt to the terrain we walk on, full of irregularities, explain the amount of resources these limbs consume to support the whole body.

Next, we offer five essential tips for taking care of our feet:

  • Cut nails directly to reduce the possibility of ingrown nails
  • amnesia Abrasive stones To get rid of impurities, as they stimulate the callus to grow much more
  • he High heelsjust the basics
  • When we apply some cream, we must be careful that there are no residues on the feet because this will facilitate the appearance of mycosis and other diseases.
  • Avoid using shoes with a very narrow tip

mirror of our health

Reflexologists say that the feet reflect our state of health. Under this premise, if we learn to pay attention to some details, we can prevent diseases. Temperature, color, calluses, swelling, and the shape of the fingers will give us clues about our health condition.

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