They are looking for William Ortiz, professor of medicine at UAZ

He has been missing since yesterday when he was traveling on the Aguascalientes – Zacatecas Highway

family statement:

My father, William Humberto Ortiz Briceno, is missing.

he Yesterday my father was traveling on the Aguascalientes – Zacatecas Highway at 7:30 – 8:00 am and to this day nothing is known of his whereabouts or location. He was last seen leaving the road at 7 am and has not been heard from.

Police and the National Guard informed us that the truck he was riding in, a KIA SELTOS GRAY, was taken from him on the highway and left adrift. Presumably, it was near Rincon de Romos. or San Francisco de los Romos.

We ask the media and authorities from both Aguascalientes and Zacatecas, and anyone who can release this information, to help us obtain information regarding my father’s whereabouts and current situation.

Help us find him and bring him back safely. Any relevant information please share and we appreciate the support of all the people who are moving to help us find my dad.

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