They criticize Ninel Conde for the little flow of her US tour

The actress continued her music career after arguing with her husband (Image: ninelconde/Instagram)

Nineil Konde She tried to move forward with her music career after being in the midst of controversy over the elopement of her husband, Larry Ramos, currently. his tour Sweet Reborn lead in the United States, Although it does not have the best audience attendance.

although Offers It is served in the country of stars and stripes, and the places are bars, restaurants and seafood restaurants. This has caused her to be criticized on social networks because she asserts that she devote herself only to “amusing drunks”. And in the photos shared by netizens, they confirm it sexy killer He sings in places where alcohol and food are served while performing on stage.

This was the promotional poster for one of his shows (Image: Instagram / @ninelconde)
This was the promotional poster for one of his shows (Image: Instagram / @ninelconde)

On Saturday, September 11, the singer performed in Illinois, and although Ninel promoted her show, very few people attended. Some media reported that less than 100 people bought c . ticketson each other So the spaces in which it is served were not crowded.

In his press defence Gustavo Adolfo Infante showed his respect for Ninel Due to his efforts to continue working, but commented that Conde should not be expected to appear in important places like Madison Square Garden.

“She, as a ‘singer’, is a woman who really wants it. So I don’t know, if Ninel Conde has a more important vocal range, if it’s MS, Banda El Recodo, if it’s Madonna, she’ll be in other places, and charge another amount. She has a standard. for what you get. What’s not right is that we laugh too“Infanti commented on the show Sunrise.

The actress will perform in more than 20 states (Image: Ninel Conde/Instagram)
The actress will perform in more than 20 states (Image: Ninel Conde/Instagram)

“There is everything, just as there are people who can sing in the subway, on the street, in the bar, in the theater, there are people who can sing in very big places. But if Ninel Conde, after all the fights you bring, you go on tour and get A little wool, so why should we criticize her?”

A week ago, after Larry fled his home to break the chains, Ninel Conde told investigators her version of events, and that would be the reason why she was not investigated by the FBI, because she I wasn’t going to share About how her partner plans to escape, as stated in the show Tell me what you know.

Larry Ramos was under house arrest (Image: Instagram / @chismeenvivo)
Larry Ramos was under house arrest (Image: Instagram / @chismeenvivo)

“The next thing Ninel said was that The police appeared there in the house, realizing that something was going on, he called his representative, at that moment when the police were at Larry and Nenell’s house, in that apartment, On Larry’s bedside table, the machine started ringing. That’s why they realized that Larry had escaped.”

Because of Electronic shackle with GPS locator That the businessman on his ankle began to ring, so chaos would begin, for Ninil herself would have been ignorant of her husband’s intentions and whereabouts.

The singer was going to deny that Larry was going to propose to her run away together, as he believed in some theories about what happened, but if that was the case and Conde had not made it known to the investigators, it would have been potential partner.

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