This app simplifies your check-in process when traveling to the United States

This app simplifies your check-in process when traveling to the United States

The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Prof. Implementation about Portable devices Simplifies travel, entry and everything related to the customs entry process United State.

Among the main functions of Implementation CBP One schedules appointments for the paperwork for Customs officeAnd notification of arrival in the country and filling in the documents.

The Implementation It doesn’t just streamline income Tourists, Also from bus operators, pilots and commercial truck drivers who have to go through United State For business purposes.

CBP one Guides each user through the required functions according to the needs of a type Travel. For example, carriers can schedule else To check perishable goods, so they spend less time at border check lines.

Tourists can use the app to process a file I-94 permit, Which is a requirement for travelers entering through a land port of entry and will travel more than 40 km away from the border or remain there United State It will be more than 30 days.

Fonts to address this residence permit It can be quite long, but start the process from Implementation You can speed it up. They can also control Spend On the mobile phone and showing it to verify that residency in the country is legal, in case the authorities request it.

Another prominent function is to check wait times at land ports of entry, so you can make predictions when traveling.

The CBP One app It also displays the status of orders in real time and you can contact an operator for advice via chat.

The Implementation It was launched in October last year but was limited to some types of travelers and starting this week it was extended to include more users. In addition, it is expected that in the coming months, functions such as requesting cruise licenses or seeing the status of cruise ship applications will be added. Trusted Traveler Programs From United State.

Where to download the CBP app?

The Implementation From Bureau of Customs and Border Protection It is available on Google Play Store and App Store, for free.

Next, you need to create an account or log into an existing account to start using all the features, although some of them are only available in the border area.


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